• Celebration | 100th birthday of CPC in JYC & Work Anniversary
    2021-7-1 Celebration | 100th birthday of CPC in JYC & Work Anniversary
    July 1st is a centennial milestone to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and also a great day to the Chinese nation. In the history, millions of party members of the CPC and all Chinese people put up a courageous fight, in order to secure Chinese nation’s independence and liberate all Chinese people, meanwhile, making our country strong and prosperous and bringing happiness to our people. All Chinese people will remember the history of 100-year struggle, and keep going forward. This day, all Chinese people express the high respect to all the great part members of the CPC. Looking back on the development of JYC, it’s under the strong guidance of Liu Yueen, chairman of JYC, leading us challenge difficulties and struggle hard. It carry forward the fighting spirit of CPC, then only can we make a little success, there is a long way to go. What’s more, the success could not do without the hardworking of all members in JYC, It’s very appreciate the efforts and contributions of all members. AWARD CEREMONY! Through this event, we’re not only unite our nation’s spirit, but also make a new and nice work atmosphere. Yeah! Go for it! Action speaks louder than words. Look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.
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  • 2021 Opening Ceremony of  JYC Sales Competition
    2021-6-21 2021 Opening Ceremony of JYC Sales Competition
    The 2021 Annual Red Boat Sales Competition is here again!!! Last year, JYC has achieved a very good sales record and increased its cooperative customers in many countries, accumulating a certain customer group. Now, we will challenge again and create a new sales record. On June 20th, JYC participated in the opening ceremony of the sales competition organized by nine national high-tech companies from different industries in China. At the opening ceremony, every sales was full of enthusiasm and confidence, there are playing games, taking oaths, and company presentations. JYC announced on the spot to challenge the performance of different companies and to create more orders. Before the opening ceremony of sales contest, JYC all professional sales team carefully made the sales plan for the victory of this competition. We adhere to the core culture of professional, rigorous and efficient battery production process. Finally, JYC won the best performing team at the opening ceremony. Outstanding JYC Sales Team Representatives of nine enterprises By taking the opportunity of participating in the Red Boat Sales Competition, JYC provides more quality and preferential lead-acid battery products to meet the different application needs of different customers, such as: UPS, solar, agm star-stop car, communication base, data security, etc. We all believe that we will be able to achieve the sales target.
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  • Why JYC GP Batteries can meet customers requirements?
    Why JYC GP Batteries can meet customers requirements?
    New requirements for General Purpose VRLA battery supplies continue to emerge in this changing market. JYC GP series battery with 5~10 years design life in floating services, which features better performance under these harsh conditions: high-low temperature, high-humidity and high-altitude reliability, etc. So, let us think about that why JYC can meet customers requirements, and why we choose JYC brand? JYC was founded in 2000, and at the same time successfully developed the general purpose VRLA battery - GP series. Over the past 21 years, this GP series features best-in-class performance, and applies in many large projects in every corner of the world for everyone to light up. It has occupied a certain important global market share. JYC GP series supports 2v,4v,6v,12v with its capacity range from 7Ah to 3000Ah, which features AGM technology, long floating life, free-maintenance, low resistance and high quality consistency. These models have more than 50 models for your different choice and along to match the many applications. Such as emergency lighting, fire alarm system, security, and other power tools. In addition, we also got a lots of big projects, Morocco Telecom Project, Deutsch Bank Malaysia Berhad, Mali Solar Gel Battery Project, and so on. Complete certifications to satisfy the requirements of different countries. One of our typical models: 12V 7Ah General Purpose Battery- GP12V7Ah, it features 5 years design life in float service and Low discharge rate, which design for general purpose and standby applications. Well, turn to see the internal structure diagram. Each stage of production is well planned and controlled to minimize the percentage of defects. Each material is carefully selected to ensure its high quality. Finished products are sent to the warehouse for storage where all products are fully tested and inspected before delivery. We have participated in many large and small exhibitions, to provide pre-market after-sales markets service for the local customers. All in all, that’s why you’d like to cooperate with us and help you to cover more than 90% power business. To get more details about General purpose batteries: https://www.jycbattery.com/general-purpose-battery_c1. Need more help or project consulting? Please click the link and leave your massages to us: https://www.jycbattery.com/contact-us_d2
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  • An Invitation to The 129th Online Canton Fair on 15th - 24th April
    An Invitation to The 129th Online Canton Fair on 15th - 24th April
    JYC sincerely invites you to attend 2021 Online Canton Fair from 15th to 24th April, 2021. INVITATION ◆ 15th - 24th April, 2021 ◆ At that time, JYC will grandly lunch hot selling General Purpose battery Series, Solar VRLA Battery, Deep Cycle Battery Series,  Latest Start-Stop AGM Car Battery Series and others. During the Live Stream, we will have a promotion and discount until April 30th. More exciting exhibits are waiting for your attention in our sudio. With more details from our booth link - https://extm.cantonfair.org.cn/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-c82b-08d7ed7a6159 We cherish every opportunity to communicate with you! Looking forward to your visit!
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  • Happy New Year from JYC
    Feb 8, 2021. Happy New Year from JYC
    To whom it may concerned. Dear Sir/Madam, We herewith would like to inform you that, Chinese Spring Festival (new year holidays) for government officials is 7 to 10 days and for factories and private sector usually 20 to 30 days, which is start and end in the February month of the each year. The issue had been shared for your more information. JYC BATTERY MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD.
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  • Merry Christmas 2020 - Best Wishes To You And Your Family
    Dec 25,2020. Merry Christmas 2020 - Best Wishes To You And Your Family
    Dear friend, The Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. 2020 is a year full of changes and challenges. We express appreciation for your concerns, cooperation and supports during the year. We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2021 ahead. Yours sincerely, JYC BATTERY
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  • 2020 CADCC Outstanding Enterprise in the Automotive Supply Chain Ceremony
    Dec 4,2020. 2020 CADCC Outstanding Enterprise in the Automotive Supply Chain Ceremony
    The 2020 Outstanding Enterprise in Automotive Supply Chain Ceremony was held on Thursday by CADCC in Shanghai. JYC Battery, as one of the well-known suppliers in China automotive industry, was invited to the ceremony and awarded of the 2020 CADCC Outstanding Enterprise in the Automotive Supply Chain. CADCC is an abbreviation of China Auto Dealers Chamber Of Commerce, that was established in on December 3, 2006. It is a national industry organization serving the majority of auto dealers. JYC Battery specializes in AGM battery manufacture more than 20 years, continuously committed to R&D and pursue top technologies and high quality in VRLA AGM car battery industry. It joined in CADCC for several years and in 2020 was recognized the Outstanding Enterprise awarded by the commerce. Besides AGM car battery contribution in automotive supply chain, JYC Battery devotes to VRLA storage battery production and development for many years as well, and in fact AGM car battery is just one series of its core advantages. It has total 8 series, including General Purpose, High Rate, Deep Cycle, Gel Battery, Front Terminal, OPzV, OPzS and AGM car battery.JYC Battery will keep improving and contributing to VRLA battery and automotive industry with this great honor.
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  • 7 containers be Shipped by today ---JYC Battery
    Aug 20,2020. 7 containers be Shipped by today ---JYC Battery
    The COVID-19 has made each of us stay at home, stores closed, restaurants closed, and even worse, many companies and factories closed down, and restaurants closed forever. The economic situation is sluggish, and trade between countries has been greatly hindered. Many customers have canceled their purchase plans a year ago, and even customers who are preparing to make a deposit , then tell you to cancel their orders. Many companies facing survival threats. However, our customers order were scheduled for November this year . And the order is doubled in the first half of this year . In July, the Sales reached our record high in history. Today 7 containers be shipped . Our JYC strong technical team and advanced production equipment , will help you expand your market and increase your sales.
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  • Wolf King Tournament of each company
    2020-08-10 Wolf King Tournament of each company
    The Wolf King Tournament is already in progress. Today is the 20th day of the schedule. Every legion returns with full performance every day. Of course, our JYC is not behind, we are also struggling to catch up, our goal is to be No.1. Our company shares our excellent experience with each legion. Our performance is continuously updated every day. In the future, we will still move forward with stability. Quality-oriented, customer service as the purpose.
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