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Commercial Black Battery Trays for Inverter and Battery Trolley

The enhanced battery tray can solve the short circuit problem caused by battery leakage from the back end,truly achieve physical isolation, largely avoid the fire hazard caused by battery leakage, and greatly improve the safety of users. Enhanced battery installation tray flexibility, impact resistance ability will be better. In the process of transportation or collision, it can effectively absorb the impact from the outside and avoid direct damage to the battery.

1. The internal test of the tray adopts the embossed shading design, which can keep a certain distance between the tray and the bottom of the battery case to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the battery.


2. The battery tray is made of high quality raw materials, which can better resist the corrosion of external leakage battery liquid and prevent the short circuit caused by leakage liquid.


3. The bottom of the battery tray adopts web reinforcing ribs, which better enhances the overall flexibility, slip resistance and impact resistance.

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