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GP55-12 12V55AH

AGM rechargeable sealed maintenance free lead acid battery

JYC General (GP) Series VRLA batteries are designed with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology. High performance plates and electrolyte  give extra power output for common power backup system.
GP Series Batteries are the general purpose batteries with 5-10 years floating design life at 25℃
Meet with IEC, BS,JIS and European standard.UL(MH62092),CE approved.

Descriptions of GP55-12 general purpose battery

GP55-12 is part of JYC's  General purpose VRLA battery series (also referred to as Lead Acid Battery). It features high performance plates, 5-10 years floating design life at 25℃, and electrolyte gives extra power output for the common power backup system. The need to meet UL/CE safety certifications, IEC, BS, JIS and European standard.

Features of GP55-12 general purpose battery

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, LG raw material to increase battery service life.
  • TTP technique, to reduce internal resistance.
  • Heat sealing technique instead of glue sealing, to increase the tightness and stability of battery.
  • Low discharge rate for long shelf life, 3 to 5 years 'Standard Commercial' and 10/12 years 'Long Life'.
Model Number:GP-12V55Ah
Nominal voltage:12V
Weight:15.20kg(33.51lbs) ± 3%
Length:230mm (9.05 inches)
Width:138mm (5.43 inches)
Heigth:210mm (8.27 inches)

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