China Production Base

   Factory occupation:

   • 150,000 square meters workshops.

   • 2000 square meters office building

   • 4000 square meters R&D building


   • over 480 workers with 56 engineers

   VRLA battery production line:

   • 12 semi-automatic lines and 2 automatic lines

   VRLA battery production capacity:

   • 2.5 million KVAH/year

   VRLA battery plates production capacity:

   • 3000tons/month

   Battery ABS case production capacity:

   • 500tons/month


   • IS09001,IS014000,IS018000,UL,CE,TLC,IEC,

Malaysia Production Base

   Factory occupation:

   • 30,000 square meters workshops.


   • over 120 workers with 11 engineers

   VRLA battery production line:

   • 4 semi-automatic lines and 2 automatic lines

   VRLA battery production capacity:

   • 0.75 million KVAH/year

ABS Case Manufacture

   • Battery ABS case production capacity: 500 tons/month

   • Fresh ABS raw material.

   • Cases injected by JYC, insuring battery cases quality from the source.
    Battery Plates Manufacture

Battery Plates Manufacture

   • VRLA battery plates production capacity: 3000 tons/month

   • Lead-Tin alloy grid:

    Proven High-Tin alloy plate technique enhances plates anti-corrosion performance, increases battery life.

Automatic Production Lines

   • VRLA battery production line:

   12 semi-automatic lines and 2 automatic lines.

Quality Control System

   • ISO9001 certified production process

   • Professional QA and QC teams

   • Incoming quality control

   • In-process quality control

   • Outgoing quality control

   • Advanced equipment

   • 100% internal resistant checking

   • 100% leaking test

   • 100% short circuit checking

   • 100% High-rate discharging test

   • 100% visual inspection

   • Shipment inspection with AQL sample testing

R&D Center

   • Highly quality and professional SLA battery R&D team

   • Fully advanced lab equipment

   • Specialized R&D laboratory center building

   • Specialized in products design and new technology developing.

Environmental Protection Facilities

   • IS014000 and IS018000 certificated

   • Advanced environment protection equipment

   • Automatic dusting and purifying system

   • Advanced sewage disposal system

   • Zero release

   • Regular employees health checkup

   • Professional safety training

   • Perfect medical insurance

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