How to Know If a Car Cattery is Bad

The battery is the core component of the automobile electrical system. If the engine is the heart of the car, the battery is the key to activate the heart.

In this way, the car has been powering many electrical appliances and safe comfortable systems during driving, such as car headlights, smart and electric heated seats, etc. If the battery fails, these devices may not be able to use normally. Today, I am going to talk to you about the battery !

We all know that in different climates, various parts of a car also have different resistances. In hot weather, tires are the most vulnerable; and when the temperature is low, there is nothing more stressful than car batteries.

Generally, the best use temperature of a battery is 25°, and every time it drops by 1°, the available capacity of the battery will drop by about 0.8%, and the capacity will be restored when the temperature rises. In low-temperature environments, many high-power devices such as the heating function of seats, rearview mirrors, steering wheels, and glass defogging require electricity, which increases the pressure on electricity consumption.

What are the signs before the battery fails?

We all know that the service life of a normal car battery is 2.5 to 3 years. In general, when the car is being maintained, the instructor will help you replace it. Of course, the specific situation still depends on your driving habits, and there are not no "battery killers" that lose power in less than two years. If your car has the following conditions, I regret to tell you that your battery is not far from being replaced.

1. The car is more difficult to start than usual

In the absence of other factors, if you suddenly find that it is difficult to start your car, it may be a sign that the battery is about to be scrapped. Of course, there is another situation in winter, which is the so-called cold start difficulty in winter. It depends on whether your car is new or it is almost time for the battery to be scrapped.

2. When idling, the headlights turn into "candles"

For example, when waiting for a red light or temporarily stopping, you suddenly find that your headlights are suddenly dimmed. This is because when idling, the charging power of the engine drops. If the battery is not strong at this time, and the electric equipment in the car is still being supplied, the amount of power allocated to the headlights outside the car will drop significantly.

3. The battery failure warning light is on

If the warning light of your car is on, then it is reminding you. You need to go to a 4S or repair shop to check and replace the battery.

4.Abnormal noise at startup

As the discharge capacity of the battery becomes weak, the starter squeaks due to poor operation. This situation is especially obvious at low temperature. Because the activity of the battery will be reduced when the weather is cold. So Many car owners don't care with this situation that will be improved or gone.

5 The accumulation of bulge and leakage

It comes if the situation of the battery pack. Replacing new batteries is needed. This situation will bring about subsequent life problems and even have certain safety risks.

6. Voltage change before and after starting

The normal voltage of the battery is about 12V. After starting, the voltage will increase to about 13-14V due to the generator charging. Many vehicles have a voltage detection function. Paying attention to the voltage before and after starting is also a good way to judge the battery life. If it is lower than 12V when it is not started or lower than 13V after starting, it should be considered whether there is a problem with the battery.

JYC High Performance Start-Stop AGM Car Battery

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1. Stable quality

Battery is with low failure rate, stable quality, smooth operation and stable voltage. The electrical work is more stable and the life time of battery will be longer.

2. Low discharge rate

With Low self-discharge rate and more convenient to storage and maintenance, less power the battery will loss due to short-term suspension, and start-up as usual.

3.Strong adaptability

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4.Crash and shake resistance

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5.Environmental protection and energy saving

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6.Excellent service

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