JYC FT series batteries were successfully applied to the AZRC Tender project in Azerbaijan

It is honored for JYC to be the UPS power solution provider for the AZRC bidding project. As the battery supplier and service provider responsible for this UPS system, JYC provides customers with excellent product support and professional services with more than 20 years of experience and expertise.

UPS power supply system plays a vital role in power supply guarantee in data centers of various industries. To provide an uninterrupted power supply for loads, it must have the function of energy storage. Therefore, lead-acid batteries have become an essential part of the UPS power supply system. In the UPS power supply system, the lead-acid battery is the system’s backbone.

Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, the front terminal battery adopts corrosion-resistant grid alloy, gas recombination technology, and front terminal appearance design. Compact self-discharge, safety, environmental protection, extended service life, a tiny battery footprint, low cost, long floating charge service life, and so on are all advantages of the front terminal battery. So it has been widely used in constructing access networks. Front terminal batteries are usually used in power cabinets, communication systems, dedicated or local area network power systems, signaling systems, emergency lighting systems, EPS and UPS systems, base stations, and switching power supplies.

Mass production of batteries at the JYC factory

We strictly control every process of battery production, from raw material selection and battery production to battery assembly. Make sure our customers receive high-quality front terminal batteries.

We will carefully package the qualified products

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