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Process quality assurance advantages

Technology has always been the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. JYC Battery has always been committed to the development of battery technology, and its technologies are at the forefront of the industry. CCDR punching technology, TTP welding technology, and heat sealing technology are all ahead of the industry and have earlier and more mature processes.


JYC punchtech grid  is made by continuously extruding lead blocks, rolling them into thin strips, and then punching them into a grid shape. This process will make the alloy crystals in the grid denser, making the grid more corrosion-resistant, less likely to break, and providing strength even under extreme conditions. In addition, using JYC punching technology to produce grids can reduce the generation of lead smoke and achieve the purpose of environmentally friendly production.

TTP Welding Technology

Respond to national battery lightweight requirements, JYC adopts the revolutionary technology TTP welding, by shortening the battery inner connection distance to reduce battery internal resistance, and improve battery performance, meanwhile decreasing labor and material costs;

TTP welding is different from Traditional Bridge-Welding, effectively avoiding fake welding and short circuits;

Lower Resistance:

Lower internal resistance by 30%, which can improve battery performance.

Short Connection:

TTP welding technology can shorten the inner connection distance. It can reduce the current path, and efficiency can be improved.

Heat Sealing Technology

JYC adopts a heat sealing technology, which completes the whole sealing process in only 30 seconds. It’ll also include sealing tests to ensure the integrity of our batteries, which makes battery sealing more stable, avoiding acid leakage that will influence battery performance in the long run.

Inner Formation Technology

Advanced and proven inner formation technique prevents the batteries from electrolyte emission, insuring plate formation is complete and enabling batteries longer lifetime.

Lead Plaster Formula

Using a characteristic lead paste formula, the impurity content is extremely low. Small self-discharge, very small floating charge current, less water loss in the battery, effectively avoiding thermal run away.

High-Tin Alloy Plate Technique

High-Tin Alloy Plate technique enhances plate anti-corrosion performance, increases battery life, and ensures the battery higher cycle times.

Battery Case Injection Process

Battery Case Injection process, high-end imported ABS raw material, Battery case is injected by ourselves, insuring battery case quality from the source.

Cast-Welding Technique

Cast-welding, automatic plates-group cast-welding technique ensure battery welding more stable, avoid disconnection.

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