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6-QTF-105 12V105AH

AGM Start-Stop Battery:
The AGM start-stop battery in which new lead-carbon technology and advanced lead alloy formula adopted is suitable for the vehicle with start/stop system, it has excellent charge acceptance and cold starting performance, especially the PSoC and high-low temperature cycle life are outstanding compared to the similar products on the market.

AGM Technology: 

Oxygen released from positive pole can react with negative lead and gas emissions are controlled by special valve construction, which prevent vehicle components installed near the battery from being corroded; At the same time, due to AGM technology the battery has no free liquid electrolyte, even if the battery is cracked in the sudden accident such as intense turbulence or high speed collision it can still normally start vehicles. 



1.German technology

2.Longlife cycle(4× standard cyclability)

3.Fast charge

4.Agm separator

5.-40℃ work relably

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