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GEL45-12 12V45AH

JYC GEL series battery is mannufactured with special separators and silica gel immobilizing the electrolyte inside the battery. The proven silica gel technology can improve battery cycle life and performance at wider temperature range. The deep discharge cycle life is incereased 50% compared with the JYC GP series battery.



1. 50% longer cycle life than GP series.

2. High purity lead-tin alloy, reduce battery self discharge rate and increase battery service life.

3. ABS battery case made by LG raw material to increase battery service life.

4. Heat sealing technique instead of glue sealing to increase the tightness and stability of battery.

5. TTP technique not only reduce internal resistance and  material cost but also increase battery life.

6. Conduct four large current discharge texting before package to insure battery quality.

7. Full charge before delivery. Buy and use it directly. 


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