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It is made of lead alloy in a lead strip, greatly improving the tightness of the lead strip molecular structure after repeated rolling, so it will be harder, stronger in toughness and more prominent in corrosion resistance.

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Punching Technology

This technology punches the lead strips after CCDR to form a spider-shape grid , which has the advantages of high consistency, a large contact surface with active materials, corrosion resistance, and more reasonable structure.

Grid Punching

Continuous Pasting Technology

It is to paste the grid strip and then cut it into plates, which can effectively control the consistency of the amount of paste. 

TTP Welding Technology

TTP welding can effectively shorten the connection distance of the pole group, effectively reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and improve battery performance. 

Heat Sealing Technology

The battery case independently developed and produced, combined with mature heat sealing technology, makes the battery bottom case and top cover almost integrated, improving the sealing and stability of the battery.

Inner Formation Technology

The internal formation technology can ensure the integrity of the plate and reduce the consumption of internal electrolyte, which is more environmentally friendly.


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