The 12V 200AH Storage Battery Manufactured by JYC Was Successfully Used in The Malaysian Metro

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In April 2022, the 12V 200Ah EJARVIS storage battery manufactured by the JYC Malaysia factory was successfully applied to the bidding project of Malaysian SURIAN STESEN (SURS) KVMRT SBK.

SURIAN STESEN(SURS) KVMRT SBK is an intercity rail line in Malaysia with a huge daily passenger flow; therefore, it is crucial to ensure the safety of the electronic control system.


Considering the massive daily passenger flow of the station, the operator has strict requirements for the UPS, high-frequency switching power supply, overall battery control,  outside environment stability, and prevention of communication power system failure.


Operators hope for high reliability of power supply with few external influences, so they choose the power supply solution provided by the JYC battery, which successfully provides stable power demand for the station.

Due to the demanding nature of this backup power project, JYC’s valve-regulated lead-acid 12V 200Ah storage battery was selected as the energy storage. It uses AGM separator technology, high-performance plates and electrolyte to provide additional power output for backup power systems designed for withstanding the harsh conditions of backup power applications.

At the same time, JYC battery has a local manufacturing plant in Malaysia, delivery capacity and timely customer service, which enable JYC battery to stand out in the project bidding.

JYC Battery is a first-rate manufacturer of Lead Acid Batteries in the Asia Pacific, with 200,000 square meters manufacturing plant in China and state-of-art machinery for research, development and manufacturing of Lead Acid Batteries.

In order to produce the most reliable storage battery, ISO Standard is the main guideline for our manufacturing team, and we have been awarded certification with ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE approvals. JYC has aggressively pursued the research and development of a full range of batteries for the global power supply market and the standard requirement of international applications.


With the successful implementation of JYC battery’s advanced solutions, power supply and station operation have been effectively solved. Backup power systems can also run low-voltage equipment at night, including surveillance, security, and alarm systems.



Nomial Voltage: 12 V

Nomial Capacity: 200 AH

Battery Quantity: 160 Blocks Battery 

Manufacturing Date: 3 Weeks Of April 2022

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