Tips of Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Do you know what are deep cycle batteries? what applications are that used in? We often talk about charging and discharging , it means we will take the batteries in a renewable energy environments.

Solar energy is a green and renewable energy that widely used. Solar photovoltaic power is a technology that directly converts solar radiant energy into electrical energy. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that solar energy will play a leading role in the future energy market centered on renewable energy. The report predicts that renewable energy will account for 80% of the global electricity demand growth in the next 10 years.

if you are a solar energy user who is planning a solar energy system that will be off grid or have an emergency backup power, then you will definitely need to know something about solar batteries.

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deep cycle AGM battery

Series and parallel in deep cycle batteries

In general, off-grid energy storage battery systems are most common at home. When the main power supply fails or production is low, the home can be powered by renewable energy sources or solar arrays, connected in series with 2-volt, 6-volt, 12-volt batteries, or in parallel for capacity storage

How to properly protect deep cycle batteries

In solar or wind power systems, the most dangerous are often lead-acid deep cycle batteries, which release irritating and potentially explosive hydrogen and fumes when charged. Therefore, good ventilation for batteries are required, and workers must wear protective clothing to avoid skin burns.

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