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We own the most advanced testing equipment

JYC Battery has advanced technical testing equipment to strictly control every process from raw materials, and production processes to finished products to ensure product quality.

1. Incoming material inspection: Spectrometer

We use the most advanced direct-reading spectrometer in the industry imported from Germany, with an accuracy of up to 0.001. By analyzing its purity through metal density, the purity of the lead we use can reach 99.997%, which can improve the life and performance of the battery.

2. Performance testing:

Capacity testing machine, high current testing machine, high and low-temperature testing machine

In addition to internationally accepted discharge capacity tests such as C1, C10 and C20, our advanced capacity testing machines can meet a variety of customer testing requirements, with a maximum charge and discharge current of up to 3000A; The high and low temperature testing machine can test the effect of temperature on the life and performance of ordinary batteries or gel batteries, and can also prove the high CCA value of our car batteries.

3. Process testing:

Air tightness testing machine, internal resistance testing machine, short circuit polarity integrated testing machine, high current testing, charging online capacity testing machine

During the production process, JYC adopts advanced equipment that can control every important process at all levels, such as short-circuit type integrated testing machine, internal resistance testing machine, confidentiality testing machine, as well as on-line capacitance checking machine during charging and high-current testing before shipment.

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