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We use the best raw materials in the industry

JYC Battery attaches great importance to product quality. In terms of raw materials, we use the best materials in the battery market. JYC always insists on checking from the source, ensuring the quality of products through strict control of raw materials, strict management of the production process, and strict inspection of finished products.

1. ABS Case: LG ABS plastic pellets

Our battery cases are all made of imported ABS plastic. This raw material is very tough and durable and has strong adaptability. It is one of the secrets of our battery’s resistance to high and low temperatures.

2. Lead: Purity of lead ingots: 99.997%

Our lead purity reaches 99.997%. Lead is the main raw material for manufacturing active materials of lead-acid battery plates. Its performance directly affects battery capacity and life. The higher the purity of lead, the stronger the performance. Therefore, during the production process, we focus on lead protection to reduce oxidation and surface slag.

3. AGM separators:

Our AGM separators have excellent properties, including good resistance to acid erosion, uniform thickness, high void ratio, low resistance, small pore size, fast absorption of electrolytes, and good tensile strength and elongation in both vertical and horizontal directions. Better compression performance ensures a certain extreme pressure, good insulation performance, etc.

AGM separator in the battery mainly plays a role in fixing the electrolyte, providing the hydrogen-oxygen composite channel in the process of charging and discharging, preventing the active substances at both poles from falling off, slowing down the generation of lead dendrites, and reducing the loss of electrolyte in the process of charging and discharging, so as to make the VRLA battery achieve the purpose of maintenance-free and prolong the service life of the battery.

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