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Yes, our OPzV battery includes 100Ah-3000Ah.

Yes, the Gel battery is one of our hot sale item.

Normally, the terminals are all standards and universal.

The process is different, we have the advanced technology –through the partition welding, if there is a chance, wish you can visit our factory.

Our Deep cycle battery is mainly designed for cycle use, the plates and lead pastes have different design formulas, so it has better DOD performance, and more cycle times.

Above 33Ah is the 10-hour rate capacity.

Yes, we can produce kinds of colors.

ABS new materials, we do not use recycled materials.

No, our plates and spare parts are self-produced. Our factory has realized full industrial chain from raw material to finished products.

Yes, we can. Such as battery holder, terminal cap and so on, and there need extra charge.

it’s better to recharge it each six months, we will provide a maintenance manual, but our battery has low self-discharge, and sometimes it can be used normally after 1 year of storage.

Different items have different DOD, deep cycle battery 50% DOD is 600~800 times. If you require a high cycle life, OPzV battery is better for you.

80%:350~450 times

50%:600~800 times

30%:1500~1800 times

100%:100 times

Different Voltage battery match different holder. For example, the Telecom system use 48V.  If match 6V battery, should match 8pcs/ group holder.  If  match 12V battery,  should match 4pcs/group holder. 

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