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JYC is committed to the top battery manufacturer in the world

JYC is a national high-tech company headquartered in China that is gradually growing into a leading supplier of VRLA batteries. Over the past 20 years, JYC focus has been the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative battery solutions, and specializes in producing 2v,4v,6v,12v series with over 240 models VRLA batteries which capacity from 0.5ah to 3300ah. JYC products range including general purpose battery, deep cycle battery. GEL battery, high rate battery, front terminal battery, OPzV battery, OPzS battery and start-stop AGM automot...
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Tips of Deep Cycle Solar Batteries
Tips of Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Do you know what are deep cycle batteries? what applications are that used in? We often talk about charging and discharging , it means we will take the batteries in a renewable energy environments. Solar energy is a green and renewable energy that widely used. Solar photovoltaic power is a technology that directly converts solar radiant energy into electrical energy. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that solar energy will play a leading role in the future energy market centered on renewable energy. The report predicts that renewable energy will account for 80% of the global electricity demand growth in the next 10 years. if you are a solar energy user who is planning a solar energy system that will be off grid or have an emergency backup power, then you will definitely need to know something about solar batteries. For more details about solar batteries, please follow the web link: https://www.jycbattery.com/deep-cycle-battery_c3 Series and parallel in deep cycle batteries In general, off-grid energy storage battery systems are most common at home. When the main power supply fails or production is low, the home can be powered by renewable energy sources or solar arrays, connected in series with 2-volt, 6-volt, 12-volt batteries, or in parallel for capacity storage How to properly protect deep cycle batteries In solar or wind power systems, the most dangerous are often lead-acid deep cycle batteries, which release irritating and potentially explosive hydrogen and fumes when charged. Therefore, good ventilation for batteries are required, and workers must wear protective clothing to avoid skin burns. Solar photovoltaic Battery Solution for the projects, for more details and service: www.jycbattery.com | sales@jycbattery.com

How to Know If a Car Cattery is Bad
How to Know If a Car Cattery is Bad

The battery is the core component of the automobile electrical system. If the engine is the heart of the car, the battery is the key to activate the heart. In this way, the car has been powering many electrical appliances and safe comfortable systems during driving, such as car headlights, smart and electric heated seats, etc. If the battery fails, these devices may not be able to use normally. Today, I am going to talk to you about the battery ! We all know that in different climates, various parts of a car also have different resistances. In hot weather, tires are the most vulnerable; and when the temperature is low, there is nothing more stressful than car batteries. Generally, the best use temperature of a battery is 25°, and every time it drops by 1°, the available capacity of the battery will drop by about 0.8%, and the capacity will be restored when the temperature rises. In low-temperature environments, many high-power devices such as the heating function of seats, rearview mirrors, steering wheels, and glass defogging require electricity, which increases the pressure on electricity consumption. What are the signs before the battery fails? We all know that the service life of a normal car battery is 2.5 to 3 years. In general, when the car is being maintained, the instructor will help you replace it. Of course, the specific situation still depends on your driving habits, and there are not no "battery killers" that lose power in less than two years. If your car has the following conditions, I regret to tell you that your battery is not far from being replaced. 1. The car is more difficult to start than usual In the absence of other factors, if you suddenly find that it is difficult to start your car, it may be a sign that the battery is about to be scrapped. Of course, there is another situation in winter, which is the so-called cold start difficulty in winter. It depends on whether your car is new or it is almost time for the battery to be scrapped. 2. When idling, the headlights turn into "candles" For example, when waiting for a red light or temporarily stopping, you suddenly find that your headlights are suddenly dimmed. This is because when idling, the charging power of the engine drops. If the battery is not strong at this time, and the electric equipment in the car is still being supplied, the amount of power allocated to the headlights outside the car will drop significantly. 3. The battery failure warning light is on If the warning light of your car is on, then it is reminding you. You need to go to a 4S or repair shop to check and replace the battery. 4.Abnormal noise at startup As the discharge capacity of the battery becomes weak, the starter squeaks due to poor operation. This situation is especially obvious at low temperature. Because the activity of the battery will be reduced when the weather is cold. So Many car owners don't care with this situation that will be improved or gone. 5 The accumulation of bulge and leakag...

The most effective way to find car leakage
The most effective way to find car leakage

Such questions from some people: how to check the leakage of the car battery? Now I will share with you how to check the car leakage in the most effective way. 1.ToolsPreparation Multimeter 1. IndividualOperatingSteps 1. Check whether the car battery voltage and power generation is normal, and whether the car battery pile head is seriously rusty. Many car owners think that the leakage result is a battery problem, or a generator problem; 2. Ask the owner if there is any maintenance, installation, or collision disassembly for the car; 3. Remove the negative pole of the battery, turn the multimeter to the maximum current range, connect the red stylus to the negative line, and the black stylus to the battery pile head and fix it; 4. Close all electrical appliances inside and outside the car, lock the door, observe the current size, adjust to the appropriate gear, and record; 5. Wait about 20 minutes; after all the modules of the vehicle enter the dormant state, read the accurate static discharge current; 6. The static current is generally 0.03A (namely 30mA), please refer to the maintenance manual for details, normally not more than 50mA; 7. If the static current is too large (as shown in the figure above),  we can check through the method of pulling out the insurance and relay, that is, pull down the insurance one by one, observe the size of the static current; (If it does not change, plug in the fuse or relay. ) 8. If the static current of a certain insurance or relay is turned into a normal value, then we will look for the circuit related to the fuse to find the place of leakage; (if it is a relay, also check whether the relay itself is faulty, that is, the contact is burnt.) 9. If the static current drops but does not reach the normal value after pulling out a certain insurance or relay, we will record it at this time,  then plug it back, and continue to plug in other insurance and relays, because there may be more than one leakage; 10. After repairing, remove the multimeter and install the battery head negative electrode. 3. Leakage places that are not easy to find 1. Tail box light 2. Utility box light 3. Cigarette lighter 4. A simple calculation method According to P=UI (power=voltage*current) to calculate the electrical appliances of the approximate power, , such as the above 14*0.3 we can calculate the electrical appliances of 4.2W, we can consider whether the small light is not off, or what module is working.

Sea freight has increased
Sea freight has increased

Affected by the COVID-19, global trade has fallen into a slow state. After experiencing a sharp drop in shipping demand in the first half of the year, freight rates have continued to rise, driven by the increase in export volume. The freight rates of Southeast Asia routes are still in a stable state, and now Southeast Asia routes have finally ushered in the biggest price increase. The biggest price increase at this stage is nothing more than 100% increase in African routes, 60% increase in U.S. routes, and 50% increase in European routes... In addition, regarding the lack of containers in a large area in China, Haberot Shipping Company has a new solution, which is to launch the "container upgrade fee" and charge 175 USD/container to the shipper. The decline in international logistics capacity has led to a sharp increase in container ship freight rates. The freight rates of the West American route have increased nearly three times compared with the beginning of the year, and the freight rates of South American routes have also skyrocketed! In the context of tight transportation capacity, the industry frequently produces container shortages and container dumping phenomena! Both Textainer and Triton, the world's top three container equipment leasing companies, said that the shortage of containers will continue in the coming months. This week, affected by the COVID-19, the export container transport market remained at a high level. Near the beginning of the month, most ocean shipping rates have risen, the composite index rose. On European routes, the outbreak in Europe has rebounded sharply, the overall volume of goods on the market has been stable, and freight rates have risen. Mediterranean routes, like Europe's, have seen a small increase in fares. On north American routes, the market runs at a high level. In order to relieve the capacity strain, there are overtime ships, most of which are full load.Airline rates are basically flat. Persian Gulf route, supply and demand overall stable, freight rates rose 2.2%. Australia&New Zealand lines, in the pre-Christmas peak season, good supply and demand relations, spot booking prices rose 10.4%. South American airlines, transport demand is at a high level, freight rates fell again after rising, spot booking prices rose 3.4%. According to the shipping company, there is a prominent problem in ocean transportation -- a shortage of containers.For example, after booking the space, there is space to load the goods, but there is no cabinet to load.Almost every shipping company is short of containers now.Some exporters have been able to book shipping space, but the supply of containers has fallen short of demand. In response to the container shortage, Heperot has announced that from November 15 it will charge a surcharge of $175 per 40ft container for routes from China, including Macao and Hong Kong, to northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Kindly suggest JYC’s customers, if you have battery purchase schdeule...

2018 Egypt Solar Tec Fair
2018 Egypt Solar Tec Fair

Booth: H4, H48 In Egypt Solar Tec Fair On 8th April, 2018 JYC Battery And Our Old Friends

JYC Sales Summary Meeting 2020
JYC Sales Summary Meeting 2020

JYC Sales Summary Meeting 2020 JYC sales summary meeting was held in Shaoguan factory on 1th,April,2020. The meeting was attended by leaders, sales representatives from domestic trade department, all sales representatives from oversea trade department and factory representatives. The CEO Made Gracious Speech Oversea Sales Managerwork summary for 2019 and work plan for 2020 All Oversea Sales Pledge Group Photo Of All Sales

The 127th Canton Fair
May 20,2020.
The 127th Canton Fair

The 127th Canton Fair First live online exhibition in the world on15-24th, June. 10days * 24H,Welcome to our JYC live room. www.jycbattery.com

JYC Battery Manufacturer Company Co.,Ltd.
JYC Battery Manufacturer Company Co.,Ltd.

We have noticed that recently some companies or individuals sell AGM or GEL batteries under JYC name, and the batteries may not from JYC factory, the quality can not be guaranteed. Most seriously, those unqualified batteries might largely affect the reputation of JYC battery and buyers’. Please note: the only official website of JYC Battery Manufacture Co., Ltd., is www.jycbattery.com And all of official emails from JYC are end up with @jycbattery.com OR @jycbattery.cn, all other email addresses are not from JYC Battery. Any transactions via other email addresses or other contact ways, which are never recognized by JYC Battery, and JYC is not responsible for any lost related to it. If you have received the information from non-JYC official emails or already worked with them on AGM or GEL or other kinds of battery with brand of JYC , please kindly inform us. We will contact with law enforcement agencies for any commercial infringements. And most importantly, make sure your interests and reputation won’t be damaged in the future. Thanks very much for your understanding and cooperation . All rights reserved by JYC Battery Manufacture Co., Ltd..

  • Celebration | 100th birthday of CPC in JYC & Work Anniversary
    Celebration | 100th birthday of CPC in JYC & Work Anniversary

    July 1st is a centennial milestone to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and also a great day to the Chinese nation. In the history, millions of party members of the CPC and all Chinese people put up a courageous fight, in order to secure Chinese nation’s independence and liberate all Chinese people, meanwhile, making our country strong and prosperous and bringing happiness to our people. All Chinese people will remember the history of 100-year struggle, and keep going forward. This day, all Chinese people express the high respect to all the great part members of the CPC. Looking back on the development of JYC, it’s under the strong guidance of Liu Yueen, chairman of JYC, leading us challenge difficulties and struggle hard. It carry forward the fighting spirit of CPC, then only can we make a little success, there is a long way to go. What’s more, the success could not do without the hardworking of all members in JYC, It’s very appreciate the efforts and contributions of all members. AWARD CEREMONY! Through this event, we’re not only unite our nation’s spirit, but also make a new and nice work atmosphere. Yeah! Go for it! Action speaks louder than words. Look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.

    2021-7-1View More
  • 2021 Opening Ceremony of  JYC Sales Competition
    2021 Opening Ceremony of JYC Sales Competition

    The 2021 Annual Red Boat Sales Competition is here again!!! Last year, JYC has achieved a very good sales record and increased its cooperative customers in many countries, accumulating a certain customer group. Now, we will challenge again and create a new sales record. On June 20th, JYC participated in the opening ceremony of the sales competition organized by nine national high-tech companies from different industries in China. At the opening ceremony, every sales was full of enthusiasm and confidence, there are playing games, taking oaths, and company presentations. JYC announced on the spot to challenge the performance of different companies and to create more orders. Before the opening ceremony of sales contest, JYC all professional sales team carefully made the sales plan for the victory of this competition. We adhere to the core culture of professional, rigorous and efficient battery production process. Finally, JYC won the best performing team at the opening ceremony. Outstanding JYC Sales Team Representatives of nine enterprises By taking the opportunity of participating in the Red Boat Sales Competition, JYC provides more quality and preferential lead-acid battery products to meet the different application needs of different customers, such as: UPS, solar, agm star-stop car, communication base, data security, etc. We all believe that we will be able to achieve the sales target.

    2021-6-21View More
Malaysia Factory

Malaysia Factory : JYC POWER SDN. BHD.  Address: No.30, Jalan TTP5, Taman Perindustrian Putra, 47130 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia Export Port:PORT KELANG(NORTH)

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JYC battery manufacturer co.ltd. Was founded in 2000,We are special in producing 2v,4v,6v,12v series with over 240 models VRLA batteries which capacity from 0.5ah to 3300ah.Through over 18 years steady development,Now, we are one of the biggest VRLA battery company in designing,manufacturing and promoting.

JYC OPzS battery Successfully used in Solar Project in Casablanca, Morocco
JYC OPzS battery Successfully used in Solar Project in Casablanca, Morocco

The application of solar energy worldwide is increasing at a rapid rate. More and more businesses and organizations are going to start with solar energy. JYC Battery is honored to have served our client in Casablanca areas of the solar power systems. As the supplier and service provider responsible for the areas power supply in all public solar panels. JYC has delivered excellent electric power support and professional services with more than 20 years, of experience and the expertise to guide you towards the installations.

Product Highlight

JYC 2V2500AH OPzS battery series is adopted the tubular plates which gives an extremely high level of cycling expectancy. It offers maximum efficiency and reliability due to the use of optional electrolyte circulation. By adopting our advanced, revolutionary, and unique technologies, TTP welding and heat sealing technology, the model features acid-proof, explosion-proof, and low maintenance, the performance of OPzS battery keeps high conformity with the renewable power systems, such as solar power systems. Its ABS battery case made by LG raw material providing more than 20-year long designed floating life at 25( 77).

Typically, the replenishment of 2V2500AH OPzS battery is 3 years. JYC OPzS solar battery also shows excellent life cycles after deep discharge, at 25( 77), the battery can reach 8000 cycle times at 20% DOD, and 2000 cycle times at 80% DOD. The powerful performance comes from the high purity lead-tin alloy that we use in it, it can increase battery service life and enable the battery to reduce its discharge rate. JYC OPzS battery is also recommended for UPS & EPS systems, telecommunication, wind power system, oil & gas, etc.

Brief look at JYC Factorys Production

Our factory strictly controls battery production. Spacious and bright working environments and professional staffs, to ensure that the assembly does not go wrong. The products are arranged neatly so that we check each product carefully whether there are internal parts wrong or missing problems, to make sure our customers receive the high-quality OPzS batteries.

Mass Production

Excellent Protective Packaging | JYC OPzS Batteries

Project Highlight

JYC OPzS Batteries in Solar System

JYC: Your technical and Professional Battery Supplier for Solar Power Solutions

In this case, connection with our long service life OPzS battery, which itself utilizes excellent performance in maintenance-free with lower labor costs. After few months, the battery can still show good in the Casablanca case. Choosing the right OPzS battery for your solar power system is essential for optimizing project life and performance, JYC OPzS battery series minimizes maintenance costs and increases the maintenance period.

Certifications for Morocco Client

Our factory may request the guest's specific products for the guests with a favorable price! If you have any questions concerning our scope, which is mass production of customized products or services, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to meet your needs!

Our OPzS battery stores energy from the solar PV system. The panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, the power will be used in your application through the inverter. Meanwhile, you need a solar charge control system to manage them. A battery bank is an extra but important part of the solar system, it can store energy produced from the solar panels for later use, such as a lighting system at night. When the solar panels do not generate enough power, they can extract the power from the battery.

There are three key points you need to know when choosing a solar battery:

1. Service life and warranty

A solar battery usually lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Good solar power support will service your solar power system for 20 to 30 years. JYC OPzS battery series has a long designed floating life which can be up to 20 years at 25( 77).

2. Depth of discharge ( DOD)

The depth of discharge ( DOD) is the percentage of battery capacity that has been discharged expressed as a percentage of maximum capacity. JYC OPzS solar battery also shows excellent life cycles after deep discharge, at 25( 77), the battery can reach 8000 cycle times at 20% DOD, and 2000 cycle times at 80% DOD.

3. Battery power capacity

Battery power capacity means the overall amount of electricity that the battery can keep. In general, batteries for solar systems are stacked, you can choose to have multiple batteries in series to increase capacity.

Get more product details of JYC OPzS battery series on our page: https://www.jycbattery.com/opzs-battery_c12

Check the latest activities in Facebook official page: https://www.facebook.com/jycbattery

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