From April 15th to 19th, the highly anticipated Canton Fair opened as scheduled. As an internationally renowned comprehensive international trade event, the Canton Fair attracts buyers and exhibitors from all over the world.

As one of the private enterprises that have participated in the Canton Fair for many times, JYC Battery has gained a lot from this fair, not only launching our new product OPzV12V series batteries, but also being reported by famous platforms from all over the world.

135th Canton Fair New Collection

At the Canton Fair Central Platform launch site, our staff introduced our new OPzV 12 series batteries in detail from the 4 advantages of safety, long life, suatainable development and economy.

If you have not watched this live broadcast, you can click here to re-watch the detailed introduction of our OPzV 12 series batteries.

In this 135th Canton Fair New Collection, OPzV 12 series batteries became the focus of attention with outstanding performance and reliable quality, and were widely promoted and recognized. Its excellent battery technology and stable performance won the favor of many customers and was highly praised by industry professionals.

On the three booths:

During the five-day exhibition, JYC Battery’s three booths attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers. The booth was crowded, with customers from all over the world stopping to visit. Our on-site staff always communicate with every interested buyer with enthusiasm, patience and meticulousness, introducing the company’s new OPzV12V series batteries and rich product lines in detail.

In the future, as the global energy market continues to change and develop, battery technology will play an increasingly important role. JYC Battery will continue to increase investment in research and development, continue to innovate and make breakthroughs, and contribute to promoting global energy transformation and sustainable development.