to meet the challenges of the new year

Concentrating efforts and boosting morale, from February 20th to 22nd, 2024, the sales elite spring training camp organized by JYC Battery was successfully completed at the Shaoguan factory. With the spring training horn blowing, the elites sailed with a dream!

Opening Ceremony

In opening ceremony, chairman Liu Yueen said, spring training is the company’s traditional program for the start of each year, but also an important corporate culture of Jinyuesheng. By aligning with the military, our team was able to correct the attitude, strict discipline, to be able to return to the heart and start again, with a better mental outlook to hit the market, to meet the challenges of the new year!

Military Training

After the opening mobilization, the team instructor quickly led the training team members by the original plan to start training. To military formation, stop turn, march and other formation action training, supplemented by ideology, style to qualified soldiers standardized to enhance the team’s military literacy. Through inter-group competition to ignite the team’s fighting spirit, to stimulate the spirit of enterprise.

Tug of War

Compared with the formation training during the day, the tug-of-war at night is a competition of strength, tactics and soul. At the game site, the captain lined up, boys and girls on the field, each team’s power to take the lead, “heavyweight” players press back, the whistle has not yet sounded, the twine has been taut. A passionate blood, sweating, a command, try their best, showing youthful, warrior style.

Festival of Achievements

After a day and night of intense training, the team’s discipline and organization have been significantly improved. In the performance session, the captain of each team led their teams to show the training results and team spirit, and accepted the review of the chairman of the board of directors and the company’s management leaders in turn. Although the training time is not long, but each team showed full of confidence and high morale, harvest leaders unanimous praise!

Vocational Skills Training

Of course, in addition to rectify the discipline, physical fitness, but also need to charge the mind. During the intensive training period, the company arranged a full and compact, rich content of vocational skills related training for the participants, to solve the confusion encountered in the process of work, enhance the professionalism and business capacity, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the established goals this year.

Completion of Awards

In the three days of team PK, the score of each team was neck and neck, repeatedly staged “reversal and overtake”. We all tried our best to grab points and answer questions, and competed to enter the top three to win rich prizes. During the process, each team showed their unity and hard work and whimsical thinking, of course, no matter whether it is a winner or a loser, they all gained friendship and growth.

The big waves of sand, only to show the true color of gold. JYC Battery annual spring training trip came to a successful conclusion, but JYC Battery people’s actual combat compulsory course has just begun, the road of struggle is never-ending. In the coming days, we still have to maintain the upright posture, high spirits, to the annual work goal to charge, seize the victory.