energy storage battery solutions

Yesterday, Data Centre World Frankfurt in Germany came to a successful conclusion. As a provider of green energy storage solutions, JYC Battery focused on “innovation-led, safe and efficient” and brought its full-scenario industrial and commercial energy storage battery solutions to the show, deeply interpreting the wide application and future trends of green energy in the data center field.

At this exhibition, JYC Battery brought its latest high-end UPS, data center power supply and distribution, new energy storage and other scenario-based energy storage solutions. Among them, the OPzV/OPzS series tubular gel batteries and HR series high-rate batteries were highlighted.

HR series batteries are high-rate lead-acid batteries for data centers. With the same capacity, they can output 15-25% more than ordinary AGM batteries in 15 minutes of high-power discharge. In terms of economic benefits, users can reduce the number or specifications of batteries required for configuration and still meet the original power needs, saving floor space and reducing initial investment costs.

OPzV/OPzS series batteries are famous for their excellent heat resistance, low self-discharge rate and environmental performance. Among them, OPzV 12V series is a new generation of tubular colloid products of JYC Battery. Different from 2V products, it uses 100% solid structure electrolyte, which solves the fire risk caused by sulfuric acid stratification and battery thermal runaway in traditional lead-acid batteries, ensuring that the battery will not catch fire or explode during use, providing users with higher safety protection.

In addition, JYC Battery has several core technologies and key manufacturing processes. Many of its best-selling products use the internationally advanced punched grid technology (CCDR), standard reinforced mounting tray (patent), shell heat sealing process and through-wall welding process, which comprehensively improve the battery’s charging and discharging performance and high safety. At the same time, it caters to the industry’s development trend of integration and lightweight. Whether in a high-load environment or in long-term use, it can maintain stable and safe power output, bringing users a more convenient and economical use experience.

The JYC Battery exhibition hall attracted the attention of energy storage users, data center service providers and buyers worldwide. On-site staff actively discussed cutting-edge technologies and trends in the industry with them, and shared valuable experiences and insights. At the same time, we tailored professional solutions according to the needs of each user, which won wide recognition in the European market.

We sincerely thank every new and old customer for their presence and guidance, and thank every partner for their trust and support. We will rely on our deep industry accumulation and technical expertise to continue exploring more possibilities for green energy storage. Although the exhibition has ended, JYC Battery’s journey continues. On June 4, we sincerely invite you to the next stop (Sao Paulo, Brazil) to open a new chapter together!