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Our QCDS: QC system

JYC Battery Quality Center has a professional quality management team of more than 50 people and a complete quality management system. It conducts strict multi-layer checks from raw material input, process control, product performance testing, shipping inspection, etc. to ensure that the performance and quality of each battery are excellent and stable.

Testing of raw materials

·  Laboratory analysis

·  Spectrometer

·  Test Center

Production process testing

Focus on monitoring and statistical process quality big data analysis, effective observation of production process capability, process fluctuation changes, and timely adjustments to improve process stability.

1. Grid weight-CPK

2. Lead powder oxide-SPC

2. Lead powder oxide-SPC

3. plate paste weight-CPK

4. Electrolyte volume-CPK

5. Short circuit & reverse pole detection

6. Air tightness testing

7. TTP welding quality inspection

8. 100% checking before loading: High current factory test

                    Small battery: 10c
                    Large battery: 5c

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