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JTX12-BS 12V12AH155CCA

JYC Battery manufactures high-performance motorcycle batteries, designed for those who demand the best performance from their motorcycle. Using the most advanced materials, our products are renowned for their reliability and long life. Our motorcycle offers reliable power, reduced maintenance, and extended service life, coupled with a unique power boost design, making this range ideal for a motorcycle.

Model NO .JTX12-BS
Nominal Voltage12V
RatedCapacity(10 hours rate)12Ah
DimensionsLength150 mm (5.91 inches)
Width87 mm (3.43inches)
Height132 mm (5.20 inches)
Total Height132 mm (5.20 inches)
Approx. Weight3.80kg (5.40 Lbs)
Charge Current(A)1.2 A (14.4V constant voltage charge)

• Premium AGM technology, factory sealed without leaks.
• Completely maintenance-free after factory activation
• Lower internal resistance and higher CCA amperage than conventional batteries
• Excellent vibration and corrosion resistance
• Lasts four times longer than competing products

Advanced sulfate-resistant technology.
Advanced calcium lead alloy technology.
Maintenance-free design.
Factory activated, Ready to install and go!
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology.

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