Kazakhstan, a country spanning the Eurasian continent, has attracted global attention due to its rich natural resources, fast-growing economy and evolving industry, making it a market with huge potential.

From April 10th to April 12th, the “Power Tech Expo, Renewable Expo and Energy Save 2024″ exhibition will be held at the Atakent Exhibition Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At that time, JYC Battery will attend this energy feast and explore the infinite possibilities of future energy with elites in the global energy industry.

As an exhibitor, JYC Battery will showcase a series of core competitive energy products and technologies at the exhibition, including the HR-CCDR high-rate battery series, CCDR energy storage series, CCDR grid charging technology, etc. At the same time, we also look forward to in-depth exchanges with colleagues in the global energy industry, sharing experiences, and jointly discussing the future development trends and challenges of the industry.


Market analysis:

Kazakhstan has a huge potential for renewable energy sources, mainly wind, hydro and solar energy, as well as hydrothermal energy. Reliable and efficient operation of a stable supply of electricity and heat to consumers is the basis for economic development and the provision of civilized life. Kazakhstan’s electricity sector is the backbone of the industry and key to ensuring the reliable implementation of the country’s integrated electricity system. Kazakhstan has promoted the development of renewable energy as a national strategy. In recent years, driven by a series of policies, Kazakhstan’s domestic renewable energy power generation has maintained a growth trend.

In the future, Kazakhstan’s new energy market will continue to maintain rapid development. The government will increase policy support and promote the research, development and application of new energy technologies. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of new energy technology and the continuous expansion of the market, Kazakhstan’s new energy industry will gradually achieve scale, industrialization, and marketization.