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OPzV400-2 2V400AH

Technical Features
1.High stability and security, millions of batteries are in service

2.Higher thermal capacity & better thermal diffusivity

JYC OPzV battery series (Tubular GEL) battery is developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte. Perfoemances meet or exceed the standards specified in DIN 40742, with long design life and high deep cycling capabilities. This battery is recommended for telecom outdoor

Excellent charge acceptability and deep cycling performance


1. Suitable for deep / shallow cycle.

2. Much longer life of tubular positive plate.

3. Gelled electrolyte, no flow, no leakage, no gradation acid.

4. High purity lead-tin alloy, reduce battery self discharge rate and increase battery service life.

5. ABS battery case made by LG raw material to increase battery service life.

6. Heat sealing technique instead of glue sealing to increase the tightness and stability of battery.

7. TTP technique not only reduce internal resistance and  material cost but also increase battery life.

8. Conduct four large current discharge texting before package to insure battery quality.

9. Full charge before delivery. Buy and use it directly. 


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