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L5 EFB 12V95AH

EFB batteries, specially designed for cars equipped with advanced start-stop systems, provide professional design for Japanese and Korean series vehicles, is a must choice for car owners equipped with start-stop systems. EFB battery uses a new type of alloy, new lead paste formula, and new separator, which make service life, water loss, low temperature starting and other aspects of EFB battery have been greatly improved. It has long cycle life, high starting power in low temperature, suitable for frequent starting. Deep cycle performance and partial charge state are double that of conventional maintenance-free batteries.

  • Ultra-low internal resistance separator to reduce battery self-discharge
  • Strongest starting burst, low temperature, or low state of charge can still start the engine
  • Stamping multi-element lead-calcium-tin alloy grid, corrosion resistance, less water loss, prolonging the service life of the battery in a high-temperature environment
  • Unique sealing structure design minimizes water loss and prolongs battery life
  • Using high conductive lead alloy casting and welding, through-wall welding technology, high current starting performance is good
Nominal Voltage(V)12V
Capacity (20hr to10.5V)95Ah @25℃(77°F)
DimensionsL353mm X W175mm X H190mm
WeightApprox 24.5Kg(54.01lbs)
Reserve Capacity (25A,10.5V)200min@25℃(77°F )
Operating Temperature range-30℃70℃(-22°F158°F)
Acceptable charging current0~28.5A
Charge Voltage @25℃(77°F)14.5V15.0V
Self-discharge@25℃(77°F)8%Store for 90 days
Case MaterialsHigh temperature resistant PP materials
TerminalTapered terminal
Left: negative; Right: Positive

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