On May 26, the 2024 Power Battery Technology Innovation Seminar, organized by the EPTC, was successfully held at JYC Battery production base. Many leaders and expert representatives from the EPTC and JYC Battery attended the meeting to discuss the innovation and development of the power battery industry.

On behalf of the co-organizers, Liu Yueen, Chairman of JYC Battery Manufacturer Co., Ltd., expressed warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the experts. He said that under the background of the current changes in the power industry, battery technology innovation has become a key force to promote development. JYC Battery is willing to use this platform to actively participate in scientific research and innovation and use the power of patents and scientific research to jointly promote the power industry to move towards a higher quality and sustainable direction.

After arriving at the base, the expert group first visited the JYC Battery production base and the leaders of JYC Battery’s management accompanied them to receive the visit.

In the automated production workshop, the experts showed great interest in JYC Battery’s advanced production line. They not only carefully observed the operation details of the robot and its coordination with other links of the production line, but also had in-depth exchanges with the staff on the working principle of the production line, core technology, and its specific application in improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

JYC Battery management leaders responded positively to the experts’ questions, introduced the company’s experience and achievements in the construction, operation and maintenance of automated production lines, and pointed out that JYC Battery’s exploration and practice in the field of automation are highly forward-looking and practical. This “introduction + innovation” model enables its automated production lines to have efficient, stable, and large-scale productivity while also being able to meet diverse market needs.

After the workshop visit, Mr. Wu, assistant to the Chairman of JYC Battery, gave a detailed introduction to the on-site leaders and expert team on the base’s operations, equipment configuration, and production process, providing important background information for the upcoming exchange meeting.

Afterward, Mr. Wu, Chief Technical Engineer of JYC Battery, took “New Technology of Continuous Rolling and Punching Lead-acid Battery” as the theme, and gave a detailed technical explanation on topics such as “Process Flow of Punching Grid”, “Performance Comparison of Gravity Casting Grid and Punching Grid”, and “Performance Verification of New Process Structure Battery”, further paving the way for in-depth discussions at the meeting.

Chief Engineer Wu mentioned that JYC Battery developed the “energy-gathering curve grid” through the integration and innovation of the core technology of the punching grid, forming a new application technology that greatly improved the series of problems that traditional lead-acid batteries may face during service, such as low battery consistency, plate sulfation, and positive grid corrosion, and successfully applied it to industrial and energy storage batteries on a large scale. In 2022, JYC Batterys “energy-gathering curve grid industrial battery” was officially launched on the market. At present, the application cases have covered multiple fields such as network energy, power distribution, and electricity, and have received good feedback from the market.
In the concentrated discussion session, the experts at the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on “key issues, technical difficulties, and application needs of power battery technology innovation” and fully exchanged opinions. In particular, the technical innovation points of the punching grid, industry production standards, and battery material costs, consistency, life, fast charging, and intrinsic safety were analyzed and discussed. Guidance opinions were also put forward on JYC Battery’s current research results and market promotion. JYC Battery can continue to maintain its own industrial advantages, actively absorb the advanced experience of all parties in the industry, take innovation as the guide, and accelerate its entry into the fast lane of digital development.

This technical seminar was a complete success, promoting the sharing and integration of technical experience in the power industry and providing new ideas and impetus for the technological innovation and development of lead-acid batteries. As the co-organizer of the conference, JYC Battery’s outstanding performance was widely recognized and highly praised by the experts attending the conference. Looking to the future, JYC Battery will adhere to its original intention and work hand in hand with colleagues in the industry to jointly explore technological innovation and application in the field of energy storage and contribute to the high-quality development of the power industry.