As June 2024, the 23rd National Safety Month, approaches, JYC Battery has specially planned a series of activities to effectively enhance the safety awareness of all employees, hone their safety production skills, and deepen the implementation of the safety responsibility system. On June 4, a grand launching event for the safety month was held at the R&D center of the Shaoguan base, officially kicking off the event.

JYC Battery’s general manager, deputy general manager of the production center, chief engineer of the technology center, assistant to the general manager’s office, manager of the quality center, manager of the materials center, company safety officer, head of the safety and environmental management department, and heads of various departments and above attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, the company’s general manager, Mr. Wei, delivered a speech. He solemnly pointed out that safe production is the lifeline of corporate and personal development. He required all employees to adhere to the principle of safety first, strictly abide by the various safety rules and regulations formulated by the company, actively participate in the various activities of Safety Month, and jointly create a safe and stable working environment.

The head of the Safety and Environmental Management Department elaborated on the specific work arrangements for the “Safety Month” activity. He said that this activity will focus on the four core sections of “safety knowledge activity competition”, “safety education and training”, “emergency drills” and “skill assessment” to comprehensively promote the popularization and practice of safety knowledge and skills. All departments should take this as an opportunity to actively implement the activity program to ensure that all staff do “everyone talk about safety, everyone will be able to respond to emergencies – open up the life channel”.

At the end of the event, the company’s main safety person in charge led all the participants to take an oath on the spot and solemnly signed on the oath wall. They jointly promised to unswervingly fulfill their safety production responsibilities and internalize the company’s safety honor and disgrace concept in their hearts and externalize it in their actions.

“It is better to take ten steps far than to take one step dangerously.” There is no shortcut to safe production! Every safety regulation is a bottom line established based on the accumulation of countless practical experience of predecessors. Every practitioner must comply unconditionally to firmly build a “life defense line.”