Solar Africa 2023

The 8th Solar Africa 2023 exhibition came to a successful conclusion. The three-day event gathered solar industry leaders, innovators and professionals from all over the world. This exhibition has brought unlimited opportunities for the African solar industry, promoted the development of renewable energy in the continent, and marked a new height for the solar industry.

JYC Battery is a company that focuses on the research and sales of solar cells, ups batteries, etc. The purpose of participating in the exhibition is to explore the latest solar technology with all industries and provide more reliable and sustainable energy supply for African countries.

During the exhibition, JYC Battery displayed a series of high-performance battery products, including the GP battery series, GEl battery series and DC battery series, etc. At the same time, it also brought our latest technology – CCDR Punching Technology, JYC Battery is the first to apply this technology to energy storage batteries and achieve mass production.

JYC Battery’s outstanding performance at the 8th Solar Africa 2023 exhibition has further enhanced its overseas popularity. In the future, JYC Battery will further promote in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign partners and jointly promote the popularization and sustainable development of renewable energy in Africa.