Powering the Future: FT Series Batteries Drive Telecommunications Project in Turkey

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The FT series battery is a high-performance, long-life, and reliable battery suitable for use in communication base stations, railways, indoor/outdoor cabinet installations, and outdoor integrated machines.

When building communication infrastructure, the Turkish telecommunications company needed a reliable power supply system to ensure the continuous and stable operation of equipment. Therefore, they chose the FT series battery as the main component of the power supply system.

The FT series battery adopts advanced CCDR punching technology and high-quality materials, can work in harsh environments, and has excellent shock and earthquake resistance.

In the telecommunications project in Turkey, the FT series battery provides reliable backup power, ensuring that the equipment can continue to operate in case of a power outage. In addition, the long life of the FT series battery reduces the frequency of battery replacement and reduces the operating costs of the project.

The use of the FT series battery not only ensures the normal operation of telecommunications equipment but also ensures the stability and reliability of communication infrastructure, making an important contribution to the development of Turkey’s communication industry.

The excellent performance and reliability of the FT series battery make it an ideal choice for the Turkish telecommunications project, and in the future, it will continue to provide high-quality solutions for other power support systems.

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