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OPzV3000-2 2V3000AH

1.Long life design for cyclic or float application

2.Excellent charge acceptability and deep cycling performance

3.Excellent over discharge recovery capability

4.Superior charging & discharging ability in low current

Extend service life under high temperature

JYC OPzV battery series (Tubular GEL) battery is developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte. Perfoemances meet or exceed the standards specified in DIN 40742, with long design life and high deep cycling capabilities. This battery is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and EXTREME environment applications.

Description of 2V3000AH OPzV Battery

OPzV 2V3000AH has tubular positive plates and immobilized gel, which gives the battery high reliability and stable performance. By using diecasted positive grid and patented active material formula, its new performance shows much more stronger than the DIN standard values, meanwhile, it offers 20+ years design life in float service. With our revolutionary unique heat sealing and TTP welding technology, the battery has perfect performance in maintenance-free, therefore, the battery represents high cost performance and low annual operating cost. The battery has wide protected operation temperature ranges of -40to 65. OPzV 2V3000AH Keep high cycle life at 25(77), 1500 cycles at 80% DOD and 6800 cycles at 20% DOD. The battery is easy to move and handle, and it also has PVC separator, which it is special for gel battery with tiny holes.


Specification of 2V3000AH OPzV Battery

Dimension of 2V3000AH OPzV Battery



Advantages of Integrated whole industry chain



Applications of 2V3000AH OPzV Battery

Such as Solar/wind power system, standby power, UPS system, Emergency lighting, transportation, telecommunication, etc.

This product meets IEC, BS, JIS, Eurobat standard, UL(MH62092), CE approved.


Higher thermal capacity & better thermal diffusivity


1. Suitable for deep / shallow cycle.

2. Much longer life of tubular positive plate.

3. Gelled electrolyte, no flow, no leakage, no gradation acid.

4. High purity lead-tin alloy, reduce battery self discharge rate and increase battery service life.

5. ABS battery case made by LG raw material to increase battery service life.

6. Heat sealing technique instead of glue sealing to increase the tightness and stability of battery.

7. TTP technique not only reduce internal resistance and  material cost but also increase battery life.

8. Conduct four large current discharge texting before package to insure battery quality.

9. Full charge before delivery. Buy and use it directly. 


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